• Vanilla Oak Crean Ale

    The nose has just the perfect amount of vanilla to get you excited,  next up is The grain bill which provides the depth and balance for this classic american beer style.Refreshing and flavorful.

  • High Hatter Pineapple Hefe

    We fermented this beer on the colder side to be crisp, refreshing and allow the ingredients and yeast to shine. A little 9th island twist of real pineapple completes this thirst quenching and crushable beer.

  • Scorched Meadows

    A Low Carb 6.8% ABV Las Vegas Style Hazy IPA 159 Calories - 5.3g Carbs...a Real Beer...not a watered down or a low ABV IPA. Floral and Citrus nosewith a solid backbone that finishes crisp and little drier (Vegas Style). Las Vegas translates as "The Meadows" serving facts based on 12oz serving.

  • Salty Swabber

    The Salty Swabber will punch you in the nose with amazing American Hops. There is the perfect amount of body and backbone to balance it quite nicely.leaving you with a slightly sweet warm finish.

  • Nac Nac West Coast IPA

    The NAC NAC is a time travel back to the 1990's when San Diego created the west coast IPA and Jeremy McGrath was dominated Supercross Racing.He changed the sport forever and San Diego changed beer forever.  Citrus, Melon and Pine dominate the nose of this west coast IPA.  Clean and crisp with the supporting malt building a creative range of hop character to shine through.

  • Super Mini

    An American Lager, Crisp, Clean and light bodied, Single Hopped with Mosaic, gives it a twist that is refreshing and slightly off center.

  • Big Wheel Blonde

    Easy to look at and easy to drink. Subtle hops notes, low bitterness, and a beautiful malt profile makes it too easy to fall in love with this light-bodied, low-ABV beer.